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Center Environment

Center Environment

Beautifully designed spaces are hallmarks of MyWorld centre environment. We believe that our children learn best in thoughtfully-curated surroundings. That is why we spare no effort in creating a physical canvas that stimulates their senses, unleashes their innate creativity, and encourages their natural desire to explore.

The vibrant environment as the “third teacher”

The Reggio Emilia approach firmly believes that the centre environment plays a significant role in a child’s learning process and is often seen as the “third teacher”. At MYWORLD, the indoors and outdoors are seamlessly connected, allowing children to be immersed in nature while ensuring safety.

Loris Malaguzzi, the creator of the approach, explains how educators perceive the Reggio environment and the classroom as “a living organism, a place of shared relationships among the children, the teachers, and the parents, that creates a feeling of belonging in a world that is alive, welcoming, and authentic.”

Learning spaces should then be warm, inviting, and provocation-rich; it should stimulate a child’s curiosity, generate conversations, conjure thoughts, formulate ideas, and generate interest in the things around them.

Since the Reggio approach acknowledges children as capable active constructors of knowledge, we place emphasis on a kid’s curiosity, interests, sensory experiences, and their environment. When children are inspired by the things around them, they start to wonder and have a plethora of questions. Teachers then facilitate that discovery process through our Reggio-Inspired Project Inquiry, allowing them to take the role of a scientist as they observe, experiment, and unravel important concepts.

A Classroom Like No Other

Specially-designed learning areas can be found throughout our preschool where children can explore their areas of interest.

Art Atelier

There are numerous ways children can explore, express, and connect their thoughts, feelings, and imaginations.

At the multi-sensorial Art Atelier, children are provided with a plethora of tools, mediums, and materials that enable their imagination and creativity to flow, encouraging them to express their “hundred languages” freely.

Construction Piazza

With a variety of blocks, Lego and recycled materials available for connecting and disconnecting, stacking and constructing, the sky is the limit at the Construction Piazza.

Through playing and building blocks, children develop problem-solving and cognitive thinking skills and are able to express their creativity in their own unique ways.

Finger Gym

Writing is an intricate process for young children as they need to utilise every one of their little fingers and fine motor competencies.

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Reading Nook

Reading and literacy is an integral life skill that helps children acquire new concepts and expand their knowledge base.

The Reading Nook is a cosy and inviting space that provides the perfect place for children to retreat into the world of text and prints, and dive into the world of imagination, fantasies and creative literature!

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